Monday, August 22, 2011

A Haven't Quite Finished...

All the blocks in Row A, but I have started on Row B

Block B 1 - Batchelors Buttons

This block was pretty easy, but appliqueing those circles was a bit daunting. I haven't done reverse applique before, so I just stitched them down on top.

The next one is

B - 2  Sweet Tater Pie

I stitched the centre together on the machine, cut a circle out of cardboard, as though I was making a yoyo, then appliqued it down onto the background.

B 3 - Mirror Image

Woops that looks a bit skew wif but I'm sure it'll be O.K. when stitched together.

Thanks for dropping by


  1. You really are tempting me to start this quilt and I absolutely love your fabric selection. I think I will put it on the list for 2012 if I don't weaken before. Take care.

  2. Sue you are doing so well with these little blocks! they are gorgeous!!!

  3. Wow! They are all looking so good! Geez, I need to get going on mine again! Your giving me inspiration!