Monday, September 19, 2011

Catching up..

With my blogging. I made these two blocks in the last week or so, and thought I’d better get them on my blog.

Block B4 – Chris’s Soccer Field

This one was lovely and easy and has only 21 pieces.B4 - Chris's Soccer Field

This is Block B5 – Hot Cross Buns

Oh how I hate to do those tiny corners in Applique. I managed these doing reverse Applique, but I’m not sure which method is the easiest.
These aren’t perfect but its the best I can do. Only 15 Pieces.

B5 - Hot Cross Buns

Thanks for dropping by and keeping an eye on me
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  1. I enjoyed looking at the blocks you've made so far and I really like your fabric choices. I think some the ones you show here will be among my next DJ blocks.

    1. Thank you Taryn for your kind words. I am feeling guilty çause I haven't made any DJ blocks for some time.:-)